As long as you are with me in spirit.

"A fire, that is kindled, begins with smoke and hissing, while it lays hold on the faggots; bursts into a roaring blaze, with raging tongues of flame, devouring all in reach, spangled with sparks that die; settles into the steady genial glare, the brilliant light, that men call fire; burns away to slowly expiring ashes; save where smouldering embers flicker, and nurse the glow, until propitious breezes blow it into life again." x


The Borgias Modern!AU:

  RODRIGO BORGIA’S ENFANTS TERRIBLES HAVE IT ALL: the looks, the elegance, the brains to follow their father’s golden path to the highest peek of success. Though a constant presence on magazines’ covers, Lucrezia’s scandalous marriages and Cesare’s  sudden uprising never cease to fuel interest for their very much alluring selves. Give in to your guilty pleasure and have a taste of what it feels like to be the hottest dark stars duo since Bonnie and Clyde (minus the sex). 

Part 20 of the MODERN!AUs series.  Requested by anonymous.

There is no hell. No heaven either. This world is what we make of it. - Cesare Borgia

'I have no intentions of leaving Quebec, only to widen my spectrum of possibilities, to learn about other methods of working. It’s not because it’s in English, or because it’s a foreign shoot. My only career ambition is that I eventually be able to choose the projects I’m involved with.' (x)